Press Release Announcement

Date: 24th February 2021

Topic: Final round to completing your PLK (ERC-20) Token swap to native PHA Coin (PLKX)

Attention: All PLK Token Holders

You may or may not be aware, our native coin, PHA has been circulating in the market since early 2019 and the PHA…

12th February 2020

To all our community members

We Got Some Exciting News For You

A quick update on what PLAAK was up to and tech progress.

We recently re-launched our updated version of the Plaak Exchange which you will find it at . At the re-launch, we sent…

Hello PLAAK Community Members,

The time that we have all been eagerly awaiting is almost here. The Exchange is LIVE and has gone through Beta testing with our team. It will be ready for our current Exchange users to login, and new users to sign up, shortly. Our development team…

BitcoinZero is seeking out ways that BZX can be better bought, stored, and spent to breath further life into the BZX coin, while PLAAK is already well on their way to providing such solutions for mass adoption in the market. BitcoinZero has already made amazing strides in the short four…

PLAAK Official

PLAAK incorporates the best of blockchain technology in easy-to-use applications. Our Exchange is LIVE! Head to to register.

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