PLAAK Launch Towards #beyourownbank To Reach Out For #massadoption

Maybe it’s PLAAK that gets to start the year anew, so we reach out to all crypto communities, towards a shared goal we’re all looking forward to which is ready to turn into a reality. What the title suggests is more than just a social campaign, but more of a social agenda towards which we need to back each other. This is the year when we get to change the odds to our advantage, a time when we either make a push for #massadoption, or to get pushed over.

A use case is the common denominator between mass adoption and the real world. PLAAK have the Core Card as an embodiment of usefulness. It’s surrounded by all the building blocks which any individual would need to become self-banked. Downsizing cashiers and management staff, no central bank or branches or any kind of estate to cover for, the costs boil down to covering for sustenance. A business can fully cover for itself, by getting involved in the digital economy as an investment in its future.

So, there’s no uphill battle any more, payment mediators are asking what the terms are for a peaceful surrender. The truth is cryptocurrency is just as physical as the amount held in a bank account. Stability reigns supreme, all active projects have a specific aim to establish a balance. We have the charts to prove that volatility has left the building. Businesses can either accept it or risk being rejected.

Squeaking in a breath of fresh air into our wellbeing, there’s no need to overturn anything, it is possible by simply making the exchange of goods, assets, and services more efficient. Fiat currency can only take so much wear and tear and, by being long past its expiry date, it’s us that are starting to take the toll. At this point, becoming self-banked and accepting crypto across the globe is not so much of an option, as it is common sense. Cryptocurrency went from a work in progress to working towards progress itself.

As there’s a new economy, let’s let it in to take its place. We’ll get to know where all of our assets are headed, something that we’ve swept under the rug for too long. Where banks invest in what gives them the most profit, even if it’s doubling down on a bet made by someone based on wishful thinking and hoping for the best. People end up losing everything they have, which cryptocurrency doesn’t allow for, under any false pretence or promise.

Dents in the financial system make it lose out, but there are institutions to revive it, seemingly creating money out of thin air. However, a bank can’t be broken, we’re the ones to back it up and shoulder the load, for years on end. But, it can be broken into. If its security that worries you, blockchain technology created a bridge between countless technological resources. We have the brightest minds of today working together, for cryptocurrency to be free and adopted by the world, on a mass scale, with no risk involved.

Onwards to the fruits of our labour, which are institutionalized and managed so poorly, we can’t even get a grasp of all the ways it affects us. Debit cards turned to cards of debt, pulling people down in a spiral that’s hard to escape. We can regain our rights to be human, make mistakes from which we’re able to recover.

Perhaps we can’t break the banks or compete with them by ourselves, so let’s get one going as a group that works for each of us. With PLAAK, you can freely #beyourownbank, the essentials come with no charges or hidden fees included. No one will freeze your cryptocurrency assets, not PLAAK. We can’t access them — they’re yours for keeps from the moment of account creation. Together, we’re aiming to make sure that a visa is to be remembered as paperwork for entering a country.

Through #massadoption, we can turn back the clock on global debt, which most of us have no idea what makes it grow at such a rapid pace. One thing we know, it has to do with the current financial affairs where everything revolves behind closed curtains. Get behind #massadoption and let the curtains unfold.

In a couple of months to be exact, any merchant can choose between fiat and crypto. From that, a question with many answers arises. Campaigning for mass adoption of virtual currency when it becomes compatible with fiat money is to remove the extra step, or conversion, for one. An extra step is extra costs & valuable time, but it’s to make sure every need is met so that people can use crypto wherever the need arises.

On the same note, the bigger the assets a business works with, the bigger the incentive for fully moving into the digital era. Whether looking to expand, cut costs or making use of innovation platforms based on crypto, there is a whole new world of opportunities. The winners won’t be able to force it’s product by sheer investments, as it was with the major social platforms of today. With more interactivity, companies will have to offer quality and get creative and get the attention of users, instead of just crunching numbers.

Now, we get to see the fruition of a seed planted a decade ago, ripe and for the taking. Technology put in use for what it was meant for, to make our lives easier. It evolves of the way we interact with each other, without exploiting natural, human or machine resources. Which means available to mainstream users and the capacity to make a change for the better in the long haul if we use it on a daily basis, we can liberate one of the most precious of assets — time.

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