PLAAK partners with HYPR Technologies

The world leader for decentralised biometric authentication

For PLAAK, the pros outweighing the cons imply professionals get the best of con men. PLAAK have a habit of finding a way to come out on top of every situation, and a partnership with a technology mogul HYPR sparked our interest.

We went straight to the decision makers and got a hold of Damian Robson, PLAAK’s co-founder for more info on who HYPR are, how they add to the PLAAK products and a sneak peak for the upcoming PLAAK Core App.

Hello Damian, following PLAAK we’ve noticed you have a unique approach and put a lot of emphasis on practicality and security. With HYPR being an innovative authentication company, can you tell us a bit more about them and what the bring to PLAAK’s solutions?

Damian Robson: HYPR are a corporation supplying financial institutions, high-profile mobile manufacturers and enterprises with password-less, highly-secure, biometric authentication for millions of users. In Blockchain, most companies opt out for conventional solutions, often sacrificing convenience. To bring the finest product, we opted for collaborating with a first-rate company in HYPR, improving security and offering a genuine password-less experience.

We’re sure most users have a difficult time managing passwords across many platforms they use on a daily basis. What’s the alternative and how is it an improvement on standard authentication methods?

Damian Robson: By implementing HYPR technology, our customers can effortlessly validate their identity using voice and facial recognition, fingerprint, and retina scan on any device and platform. Using biometric security cancels out the chance of collateral damage from breaches on popular platforms with standard, password-based authentication. But that’s just half the story.

That opened our eyes to an issue we weren’t fully aware of. Can you go in detail for our more skeptical readers?

Damian Robson: With some of those methods implemented in high-end devices, HYPR identified the prevalent issue of keeping user credentials at a single storage point. Cyber-criminals prefer breaking in where numerous identities lay, as they gain access to an abundance of personal information of much higher value than a single device.

HYPR technology overcomes the point in question by securing each device individually. They recognise the fact that alternatively, cyber-criminals might divert their attention and deliver updates on an ongoing basis. More so, the user configures their login method, their personal key generates on their own device for two-fold protection.

Where does HYPR technology find it’s fit and improve upon the PLAAK Ecosystem?

Damian Robson: A biometric login along with advanced security make the puzzle complete, letting the PLAAK applications come in full circle. All individual Apps in the PLAAK Ecosystem, designed with the user’s comfort in mind, provide a first-class experience in the digital economy.

Currently, there seems to be a technological gap between Blockchain and the end user. Are new advancements in today’s dominant technological solutions enabling Blockchain technology to reach the user sooner?

Damian Robson: To aid the implementation of future technology, PLAAK establishes a bridge between today’s forefront tech which works in synergy with Blockchain technology. We aimed to make the PLAAK Core App, which a gateway to all of the Blockchain Apps and user data, available to a wide range of customers through compatibility and easy of use.

We see a lot of Blockchain projects limiting their outreach because of their technical complexity. By combining the right elements, we realise our lofty goals and set aside from the dreamers. With HYPR decentralised solution, the PLAAK Core utilises preemptive measures for access to assets, safekeeping personal information and all sensitive information, such as health records or business data, without a shadow of a doubt.

What methods do you abide by for best feedback from users?

Damian Robson: Investing our effort and knowledge and integrating HYPR for PLAAK’s suite of Blockchain solutions is part of our dedication to responsibility for our users and customer satisfaction. The PLAAK Core is a unique application, created by following the fact that the user knows best. We find that purposeful originality combined with addressing the needs of our customers is vital to the process for creating our solutions.

HYPR is only one of the many updates that PLAAK is incorporating to give users a better experience and peace of mind, knowing that their assets, accounts and data are safely stored in a way that is just as individual as they are.

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