The Upgraded PLAAK Exchange Raises The Stakes

New UI and added features makes PLAAK Exchange a well-rounded platform for all types of investors

We’re pleased to introduce an abundance of refinements to our
Exchange platform, en route to join the leaders in the digital economy.
With changes looming cryptocurrency markets and governance moves
towards regulating virtual goods, PLAAK is one of few that remain
sovereign while covering all legal requirements.

PLAAK integrate security and accessibility improvements in a way the
sum outweighs its parts. The two-fold safety encompasses users
assets and the Exchange, where PLAAK’s prestige stems from
compliance with all statutory requirements.
Our cryptocurrency market is the lone provider of specific, layered
protection reinforcing the platform, and a formidable option for any
legitimate trader. World-renowned solutions and their authentic
application in the Exchange, advocate for its authority by themselves.
With technological solutions for upcoming regulations covered, the
Exchange ensures traders and investors don’t have to swim upstream
in the foreseeable future.

There are plenty features added for:
- New Looks, Tools and Features
- Security and Authentication Enhancements
- Legal Compliance

The number and significance of features are the main proponents for
the degree of improvements of the PLAAK Exchange:

New Looks, Tools and Features

The Exchange is at the helm of security for digital asset marketplaces.
However, we haven’t undermined the need for extending features to
expand and polishing the user interface. For PLAAK, users always come first, and the first thing users will come across are a number of new functionalities for increased productivity:

New User Interface

The new user interface has a refreshed look for a fresh start. The
Exchange provides a pleasant experience of the most devoted
traders, augmented to accommodate new additions. The upgraded
PLAAK Exchange provides users with a full-fledged toolkit for better
success rates at trading. With the increase of options, the user
interface was due to a revamp, keeping it clean and clutter-free. Upgraded analytical charts and useful trading indicators have also been added to our user's arsenal.

Poli Pay Integration

Poli Pay is a trusted online payment gateway, used by Microsoft,
Virgin Australia and Fly Emirates which can be used for instant & direct
online deposits from a user’s Australian bank account into their Exchange wallet. Poli Pay is a depositing service only and withdrawals to Australian bank accounts are not yet possible. However, we aim to have this feature included in a future update of the Exchange.

User Dashboards

The supplementary dashboard gives a visual display of balances of all
cryptocurrencies owned by the user, buy/sell order notifications,
amounts invested and profits in cryptocurrency or fiat.

CSV / PDF Exporting of Account History

By using this feature, users can easily track their progress, identify
and play to their strong points. The convenient file formats require little
extra effort and basic analytical skills. Users are also able to use their trading history files for reporting and declaring their trading profits come tax time, should they require the need to.

Security and Authentication Enhancements

SMS and email verification to biometric login authentication and even IP Whitelisting

Scams and fraudulent behaviour are a persistent issue in Blockchain,
affecting cryptocurrency exchanges the most. With many users left at
a loss and no means of averting damages, governments are turning to
restrictive regulations.
At PLAAK, we consider the ability to abide by impeding legal
frameworks while keeping user’s privacy an accomplishment.
Increasing security without affecting ease of use is another forte of the
Exchange. The hard work of the team brings forth a rare assortment of

S.S.O. (Single Sign-On)

Our Single Sign-On feature gives one the ability to access their
Exchange account and wallet through one login. Easier navigation and
faster use with less effort for transferring and withdrawing funds are
beneficial to anyone who is looking at every opportunity to capitalize
from the cryptocurrency market.

HYPR Biometrics Integration

Customisable biometric access backed by HYPR Technologies allows
users to customize their login method and store their credentials on
their own device. One can choose from fingerprint and voice
recognition, or retina scan allowing for highly enhanced security and
accessibility. Once signed up, no additional text input is required.

Streamlined Global K.Y.C.

By incorporating Trulioo, PLAAK can register and review a user’s
documentation quickly with automated auditing. With access to over 4 billion records, it positions the PLAAK Exchange at the top of legal
compliance among cryptocurrency trading platforms, helping fight
money laundering and corruption at the highest level.

K.Y.C approval is quick and painless for 5 billion people with Trulioo

Security Updates for Login and Withdrawal

As a red light to stop cyber-criminals from abusing the system, the
checkout process includes re-entering one’s password for any
withdrawal. This extra step protects the most sensitive part of use
cases of the Exchange, and the most common scenario of theft of
user’s digital assets. Users’ accounts are fixed to their I.P. address and
application session, for further safeguarding of their portfolio.

With the Exchange upgraded and running at pinnacle potential, a new
chapter unveils for PLAAK. Make sure to pay close attention in the
next few months for new developments and releases. PLAAK are
pleased to announce that ample quality projects near completion, our
Ecosystem is about to expand to include new services and scale our
client base accordingly.

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